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Principal's Corner

March Madness

Can you find the 4 Four Leaf Clovers?
Can you find the 4 Four Leaf Clovers?

March is known for the coming of spring and for St. Patrick’s Day.  Can you find the 4 Four Leaf Clovers in the picture?  While luck might have something to do with success, most important is the hard work and dedication necessary for being successful.  During this month, our students will be taking a variety of assessments, some online and some on paper.  We know that they have worked hard this year and this is their time to shine.  Please be sure they get plenty of rest and a healthy night’s sleep each night.  We want them to be confident about their skills and approach this time of testing with diligence and self-assurance.  As teachers and staff, we will be here to support them in their endeavors and encourage them to persevere through difficult situations, as well as celebrate their victories.   As always, please feel free to contact me at :

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