School Counseling

School Guidance Counseling

Biljana Kahn
Biljana Kahn

Southside Elementary School Guidance Counseling Program


1.   To provide assistance to all students with their social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

2.   To provide individual, small group, and classroom developmentally appropriate lessons for students regarding social, emotional, personal, family, behavioral, or peer difficulties, which are interfering with their educational or personal growth.

3.   To provide parents and teachers with referral resources in various areas such as: child development, parenting challenges, outside counseling services, grief and loss.

4.   To coordinate counseling services for students that need additional assistance.

5.   To maintain confidentiality at all times, unless a “need to know” situation arises. During that time, the counselor will collaboratively work with the principal, teachers, parents, and students regarding the well-being of the student.


Southside Elementary school counseling philosophy is based on the Tennessee School Counseling and Career Guidance Standards and Social and Emotional Framework. The program focuses on learning the academic, personal/social and career needs for each student. As students go through the developmental stages of their lives, their needs and expectations change. Our philosophy is designed to address each developmental stage and assist students in achieving a positive, healthy outlook towards themselves and others. Thus, becoming successful in all areas of development.